Thursday, June 22, 2006

Alby by Danny

With straight white teeth
He had a gorgeous smile
All day through my head
He runs at least a mile
When he leads, I follow
When he speaks, I listen
When he looks me in the eyes
His eyes glisten
He's ripe like a tomato
Yet sweet like honey
He makes even the darkest days sunny
We belong together
like the sun and the moon
If he is dawn then I am noon
He is my first real boyfriend.

Author's note: This is written for my boyfriend, Alby. We haven't been together, only since May. But when we are together, I have this wonderful vibe like we were really meant to be. He makes me feel beautiful inside and out, even when I'm havin the most doubt. Cause his "love is like a river peaceful and sweet, his soul is like a secret that I could never forget. When I look into his eyes I know that it's true..."

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ask yourself by Baby Gurl

I sit here wondering about my life
what it would be like
if I was there and not here
if I was free and not scared
if I died tomorrow
or if I lived again another day
I cry tears of pain and sorrow
The things I lose and gain
I lost my mom, I lost my freedom
I gained respect, I gained more freedom
freedom from neglect, freedom from loss
freedom from the world that tore me up
so before you go and lose your mind
just think about it and ask yourself
one more time

by baby gurl

Joy and Pain by Baby Gurl

joy is what I had
pain is what I have
I once was so happy and free
now I'm locked up
sad and incomplete
why do I feel dis way?
what did I do to deserve dis?
I'm torn between joy and pain
why does God let dese things happen to me?
man I want to give up
dese voices in my head
why don't dey shut up?
God give me back my joy
take away my pain
I want to be different
not da same

by Baby Gurl